History and Style

Bachata is a dance genre that has its origins in the Dominican Republic. In its beginnings, it was called “guitar bolero”, as it is considered a genre derived from the rhythmic bolero with a mixture of Cuban son and merengue.

During the sixties and seventies it was considered the music of the poorer classes (bachata emerged in the bars and brothels of Santo Domingo). It was known as “bitter” music, since it referred to states of melancholy caused by heartbreak, nostalgia and daily sorrows.

As a social dance, it is one of the most popular Latin rhythms, very sensual, very rhythmic and very romantic in 4/4 time. The first three steps are danced taking advantage of the first three beats and the fourth beat is a half tip of the foot and a hip move, like a shot. Here is the strongest beat, sometimes accentuated by the sound of the bongo. We must highlight the hip movement that without it (especially the girl) it does not seem that we are dancing Bachata. This movement should be natural and without pauses. When you have achieved more practice, you can perform hip undulations, in the manner of eights. It admits figures of other Latin dances, adapted to the rhythm of bachata. But always season this rhythm with a lot of sensuality and a lot of passion.

Class Facts

✔ In our 60 minutes class, you will learn essential lead & follow techniques and be introduced to beginner turns and combinations that will build a good foundation for you as a dancer, but also fun moves you can use on the dance floor right away! 

✔ We work with a rotation system, which means that you do not need to bring a partner to learn any of the dances as we frequently rotate partners during classes.

✔ You will learn progressively all the social dancing skills necessary to feel comfortable on the dance floor!

✔ Students will start at the beginner level, advancing to the next level once they are evaluated by an instructor.

Bachata Class Levels

Complete Beginners

From 0-2 months dancing 

This is exciting! You are starting and you are having lot of fun. It’s even more fun when you know some basic steps and patterns that can take your dancing to the next level.

Advance Beginners

From 2-8   months dancing

You take your time to learn the dance step-by-step, working on basic patterns and advanced variations. You will have a blast while learning how to move in unison without stepping on each other’s toes. You are able to keep rhythm and count during your dance.


From 6 months dancing

From now on you will enter an ongoing program where you will learn techniques & theory on the Improver level. You are more confortable with the flow of your turn paterns and your social dancing. You start adding body movement and style to your routines.


From 18 months dancing

Being able to count and maintain timing while executing the steps, is a most. You should be able to get a double spin on your own and make/follow more complex combinations. Your social dancing is fluent, on time and you are starting to play with the musicality.